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    Leading to electrification, SAIC Motor shines at the 2024 Beijing International Auto Show

    At the 18th Beijing International Auto Show, which was unveiled today, SAIC Motor Corporation showcased 97 new cars and more than 10 debut models under the theme of "Delivering extraordinary mobility solutions with green and sustainable technology". The total exhibition area exceeded 10000 square meters. It is worth mentioning that SAIC participated in the exhibition with a total of 67 new energy vehicles, accounting for 70% of the total number, setting a historical record.

    Self-owned brand "electrification transformation"

    Since the formulation and implementation of the "Three Year Action Plan for the Development of New Energy Vehicles" in 2023, SAIC Motor New Energy Vehicles has fully entered various segments, actively meeting the differentiated needs of consumers with distinctive brand characteristics and product features, and achieving fruitful innovative development by "racing on the new track". At this show, IM Motors brought the "Super Intelligent Sedan" IM L6, which redefines the high-end electric vehicle product strength of the intelligent era with the LingXi digital chassis, intelligent ecological cockpit system IMOS 3.0, and SUV like multifunctional interior space. Rising Auto showcased the mid to large-sized coupe SUV Rising R7, known as the " value benchmark at 200,000RMB level pure electric SUV ", as well as the mid to large-sized electric hatchback Rising F7.

    Roewe presented a brand new iMAX8 hydrogen range-extended hybrid MPV. The Roewe D5X DMH, a new mainstream hybrid SUV with long endurance, has also started pre-sales simultaneously. The Roewe D5X DMH is equipped with the leading hybrid technology, super strongest vehicle performance and safety protection, and the most advanced intelligent cockpit as standard.

    The MG electric supercar concept EXE181, which debuted for the first time, aims for a top speed of 415km/h coupled with a drag coefficient (Cd) of 0.181. In the future, with a zero to hundred acceleration expected to be less than 1 second. MG EXE181 is designed by SAIC Motor UK Advanced Design Center, which brings together cross-border creative inspiration to showcase the MG brand's pursuit and exploration of speed in the electric age. After its global debut at the Beijing Auto Show, the new car will also debut at the 2024 Goodwood Speed Festival in July of this year.

    Maxus high-end Super Hybrid MPV Mifa 9 and Mifa 7 made their global debut at the show, achieving "first place in the same segment/displacement" in multiple dimensions such as power generation efficiency, power displacement, motor power, pure electric speed range, and pure electric endurance. The SAIC-GM Wuling Starlight pure electric version has been officially launched, which is the first dual power sedan developed based on the world's leading intelligent architecture - Tianyu Architecture D platform.

    Stable growth in overseas markets

    In 2024, the MG brand celebrates its centenary and is striving to achieve its global sales target of one million. The MG Cyberster, a tribute to the brand, has recently won three authoritative design awards in the world including the German Red Dot Product Design Award, the German iF Design Award, and the Japanese G-Mark Excellent Design Award. With its pure and classic sports car posture, supercar performance, and intelligent experience, the MG Cyberster set a new record in the Chinese automotive industry. In the first half of this year, MG Cyberster will officially launch in multiple markets including Europe, Australia, and Southeast Asia.

    The MG4 EV with its XPOWER performance version, igniting the speed and passion of "breaking 100km/h in just 3 seconds within 200000RMB". Since its launch in September 2022, the MG4 EV has been selling well worldwide and is the best embodiment of SAIC Motor's global competitiveness.