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    A New Must-go Landmark in Xintiandi The Opening of SAIC Roewe Intelligent Square Marks the Realization of the First New Retail System in the Automotive Industry

    On November 13, SAIC Roewe Intelligent Square officially opened. This modern building, located at No. 347, Madang Road, Huangpu District, combines a good look and high technology. It has the only auto-driving experience area open to the public, as well as VR scenario test drive, intelligent robot service and other intelligent experience projects, making it another must-go place in Xintiandi. In addition, SAIC Roewe Intelligent Square highlights SAIC’s latest research and development achievements in the fields of new energy technology, Internet technology, intelligent driving etc. It is also the practical stage for Roewe’s innovative services. Its opening marks a key step in SAIC’s transformation into an integrated supplier of travel services and products.

    More than vehicles, creating an intelligent and innovative service experience

    In Shanghai’s “heart” Huangpu District, after passing the old buildings of Shikumen with unique Shanghai charm, various bars and cafes with a combination of Chinese and Western elements and the bustling and fashionable Xintiandi shopping district, we will see SAIC Roewe Intelligent Square. This modern building, which was built on the basis of the old building, combines the characteristics of inclusiveness of Xintiandi, presenting a new aspect of technological intelligence.

    In the outdoor, the exterior wall is built with blue bricks in copper structure. The building of Shanghai style reveals a strong industrial style, conveying the power of “made in Shanghai”. Don’t rush into the room here. If you go to the north side of the square, you will find a veritable “new world” – the demonstration area of intelligent parking function of Roewe Vision-E Concept MARVEL X. The scene that the vehicle automatically turns the ignition on to greet the guest and turns the ignition off after reverse parking comes into reality from the screen. You can trigger the match through the mobile APP, and Roewe Vision-E Concept MARVEL X will accurately realize the whole process of turning the ignition on to greet the guest and turning the ignition off after reverse parking without driver’s driving.

    Entering the exhibition hall, the intelligent robot Pepper will greet you in a special way. It is proficient in facial recognition skills, can actively identify information and proactively guide you to your destination. On the right side of the exhibition hall, you will see a highly technical VR simulation cockpit. The sci-fi driving experience of various scenes such as mountain drift and interstellar tour is waiting for you. If you don’t know which vehicle you should choose, you can turn to the AI interactive big screen. You just need to stand in front of the screen for face swiping, and the AI interactive big screen will have a multi-dimensional analysis of the big data like age, gender and emotion, and recommend vehicles to you based on the results of the analysis. In the display area of SAIC’s new four strategies of electrification, intelligent networking, sharing, and internationalization, you can appreciate the latest research and development achievements of SAIC in new energy and intelligent vehicle technology. In addition, there is a rest area and a parent-child interaction area on the second floor of the exhibition, which intimately opens up a space for Roewe owners to relax.

    SAIC Roewe Intelligent Square embodies Roewe’s in-depth thinking on vehicles, people, technology and life, and integrates technology experience with leisure functions. It will become a gathering place for the creation of technology and the activities of owners. Here, users can enjoy the intelligent and casual urban life and feel the charm of SAIC’s new four strategies of electrification, intelligent networking, sharing, and internationalization.

    Innovation and upgrading, the industry’s first new retail system comes into being

    After more than 130 years of development, the automotive industry is experiencing unprecedented changes. Vehicles are travel tools for people. Instead, they want a better travel service experience. SAIC actively deploys and explores the establishment of the first new retail service system in the domestic automotive industry to promote its transformation and upgrading to an “integrated supplier of travel services and products”.

    With its mature business system and resource layout advantages, Roewe applies digital technology to match the most appropriate user scenarios, and establishes a new retail model with user experience as the center, big data as the support, and online and offline “dual drive”. Online, SAIC Roewe APP has become an important part of the new retail system. It builds a bridge between the brand and users, which narrows the distance between the brand and users, and effectively enhances the breadth and depth of services. SAIC Roewe APP gives the brand the opportunity to learn more users’ real feedback on the dealer service, help the brand to establish a perfect B-end management system, and improve the dealers’ business level, thus bringing a better service experience for users.

    In addition, the establishment of the new retail system has made automated marketing possible. Roewe currently has a variety of online and offline channels, such as official website, SAIC Roewe APP, 4S shop, and SAIC Roewe Intelligent Square, and has established a relatively complete network to communicate with users. By collecting and analyzing user data through different channels, Roewe will achieve more accurate content push, help users find the service that suits them best, and create a better experience for users.

    With multiple measures, Roewe is committed to doing more creative things for users and allowing users to enjoy more valuable services. This time, through SAIC Roewe Intelligent Square, Roewe has established a new interactive channel integrating vehicle experience, technology display, social entertainment and parent-child interaction to realize direct communication with users. In the future, SAIC Roewe will continue to take advantage of the new retail service system to create a better vehicle life for users.

    上汽榮威智能廣場(chǎng)開(kāi)門(mén)迎客 汽車(chē)行業(yè)首個(gè)新零售體系落地成型