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    SAIC has new production base in Zhengzhou


    The Zhengzhou branch of SAIC Motor Corporation Limited started operations in the capital of Henan province on Sept 27. Its internet SUV Roewe RX3 was launched on the same day.

    The Zhengzhou branch helped promote the production system of SAIC Motor, which also has production bases in Shanghai and Nanjing. The Roewe RX3 – a compact SUV – was released just in time to meet customer demand for internet vehicles.

    At a time in China of increasing consumption and internet development, it was inevitable that SAIC Motor would develop internet vehicles to meet customer demand.

    Based on its traditional advantages, SAIC Motor has developed a series of internet vehicles, such as te Roewe RX5, Roewe i6 and MG ZS, which have all been well received by the market. With accumulative sales of more than 300,000 in less than a year, SAIC Motor is now the world’s leading seller of internet vehicles.


    Thanks to its history of more than 30 years’ development, SAIC Motor has developed advanced production equipment, experienced manufacturing teams and a strict quality control system. All these are expected to help the Zhengzhou branch increase production capacity of internet vehicles and provide quality products for customers.

    The internet SUV Roewe RX3 produced at the Zhengzhou branch integrates advantages in various aspects. It has an exquisite appearance which clearly demonstrates the design concept of “rhythms”. The vehicle is equipped with the intelligence system developed by SAIC Motor and Alibaba, and has functions such as intelligent voice interaction, a multifunctional online map and Alipay payment. There are also new upgradable services, such as a food map and self-driving tour management. In terms of the powertrain, the vehicle is installed with the new SGE 18T or NSE 1.6L aspirated engine which is supported by a 6AT automatic gearbox or a CVT wireless gearbox. The engine has a maximum power of 163 horsepower and can lower oil consumption over 100 kilometers to 5.6 liters, generating more power with less oil used. The Roewe RX3 is also equipped with an eight-inch high-definition touch screen, a 1.19-square-meter panoramic sunroof and an electronic stability program (ESP).


    Using the latest development trends in technology, markets and the auto industry as guides, SAIC Motor is striving to promote an innovative transformation featuring electricity, interconnection, intelligence and sharing. The Zhengzhou branch is expected to help SAIC Motor produce more vehicle models by integrating the internet and new energy.