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    The Drive EVolution – the MG4 Electric celebrates its European launch

    Amsterdam, September 13th, 2022 – European launch for the new MG4 Electric: the compact, all-electric hatchback marks a new milestone along the growth trajectory for MG Motor. The MG4 Electric is the first of a series of MG models based on the intelligent new MSP platform (“Modular Scalable Platform”) from its parent company SAIC Motor – making it MG Motor’s most important car to date. It delivers impressively compact dimensions and exceptional design, excellent driving behaviour, a high level of electrical efficiency, innovative driver assistance systems and great usability.

    The MG4 Electric will enter the important C segment in Europe with a choice of three versions. The entry-level model is the MG4 Electric Standard with a battery capacity of 51 kWh, up to 350 km range in the WLTP cycle and a rear electric motor delivering 125 kW (170 ps). Prices for this version start from 28,990 euros*.The MG4 Electric Comfort and the MG4 Electric Luxury each boast a 64 kWh battery and a 150 kW (204 ps) electric motor. This enables the Comfort model to offer a range of up to 450 km. The first vehicles will be delivered to customers from the pre-order programme in 2022.

    “The MG4 Electric marks another milestone in the long history of MG Motor”, said Xinyu Liu, CEO of SAIC Motor Europe. “It provides a smarter alternative to the consumers who wants more. As the first vehicle based on our technologically sophisticated and extremely flexible MSP platform, it combines impressive electric performance, excellent driving behaviour and innovative assistance systems with ease of use and an outstanding, dynamic design.”

    Impressive, sporty design

    The dynamic design of the MG4 Electric is the result of global development, involving the SAIC Motor Design Center in Shanghai, the Advanced Design Studio in London and the Royal College of Art, also located in the British capital. At 4,287 mm long, 1,836 mm wide and just 1,504 mm tall, the five-door hatchback fits perfectly into the competitive landscape. Its long wheelbase of 2,705 mm provides attractive proportions and plenty of interior space – even for a family of five. The luggage compartment capacity is between 350 and 1,165 litres by volume.

    Striking headlamps and tilted upright indicators give the MG4 Electric an unmistakeable front end, emphasised by 28 LEDs and six vertical fibre-optic stripes. Three units for fog lamps and low beam are combined with LED turning lights. The influence of these lines continues to the rear end with its complex LED taillights via diversified design of corresponding light edges. 172 LEDs and a rear light strip stretching across the entire width of the vehicle accentuate further optical highlights. The two-tone roof and its sophisticated aerodynamics transition into a dual-wing roof spoiler, optically extending the line of the car and improving the aerodynamics.

    Depending on the model version, the air resistance coefficient is between cW 0.27 and 0.287, thanks to the active configuration of the application of cooling air in the front skirt (from Comfort). When less cooling air is required, it closes the air inlet, improving aerodynamic performance by up to 30 percent and extending range by up to 10 percent. The Tomahawk design of the 17-inch alloy wheels – available in a two-tone scheme for the Comfort and Luxury models – is also aerodynamically optimised, reducing energy consumption in conjunction with the low-resistance 215/55 R17 tyres from Continental. The MG4 Electric will be available in the following body colours: Pebble Black, Dover White, Medal Silver, Andes Grey, Diamond Red, Brighton Blue and Fizzy Orange.

    The generous interior of the MG4 Electric has been deliberately designed in a minimalistic way, emphasising the core principles of simplicity, technology and quality. The cockpit maximises the available space with light, lean instrument panels and control elements, using high-quality materials and careful installation. The floating design of the centre console creates more space and integrates useful functions, such as smartphone storage and wireless charging in the Luxury version. The height and position of the double-spoke steering wheel are adjustable. The steering wheel is available in a leather finish from the Comfort version and is heated in the Luxury version. It also adopts a minimised MG function key design. The Luxury also offers heated front seats, while the driver’s seat has six electric configuration options.

    Thinnest battery in its class and great electric performance

    The innovative “ONE PACK” battery forms the basis for the dynamic visual appearance of the MG4 Electric. The horizontal arrangement of the battery cells results in a height of just 110 mm, making it the thinnest battery in its class – even lower than a Coke can for example – and enables increased interior headroom with a lower vehicle height. The battery is part of the MSP platform for battery-electric vehicles, developed by parent company SAIC Motor. The intelligent and modulating structure of the architecture offers a host of advantages in terms of flexibility, use of space, safety and driving experience. The structure is scalable and suitable for wheelbases between 2,650 and 3,100 mm. This supports the design of various bodywork components for different segments on the same platform, from hatchback and notchback models to SUVs, Vans and even sports cars.

    The MG4 Electric is the brand’s first vehicle in Europe based on the MSP platform and will initially be offered in two battery versions. The MG4 Electric Standard combines a 51 kWh battery with a rear-mounted 125 kW electric motor driving the rear wheels. This entry-level model accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 7.7 seconds, reaches a top speed of 160 km/h and offers a range of up to 350 km in the WLTP cycle. The alternating current (AC) charging performance at a public charge point is 6.6 kW, while the battery can be fast-charged with direct current (DC) with a speed up to 117 kW. In the latter case, the battery can be charged from 10 to 80 percent in 40 minutes.

    The Comfort and Luxury models feature a 64 kWh battery and a 150 kW motor driving the rear wheels. They complete the standard sprint in 7.9 seconds and reach a top speed of 160 km/h as well. The WLTP range is set at 450 km (435 km for the Luxury). An 11 kW onboard charger (AC) is standard for both models. Meanwhile, the battery can be fast-charged (DC) from 10 to 80 percent in 35 minutes with a speed up to 135 kW – enough power for around 300 km in 32 minutes. Furthermore, all three versions boast maximum torque of 250 Nm.

    Outstanding handling and optimal balance

    With its rear motor and rear-wheel drive, accompanied by balanced 50:50 weight distribution, the MG4 Electric delivers outstanding handling and driving pleasure. Like larger vehicles from European premium manufacturers, MG uses a MacPherson front axle in the MG4 Electric and a complex five-link single-wheel suspension for the rear axle. Paired with a dual pinion electric power steering from Bosch, which swiftly and precisely adjusts the steering force to the speed of the vehicle in real time – from light at low speed to heavier at higher speeds – and three configurable modes (Light, Standard, Sport), the chassis delivers direct and stable driving behaviour. In the city, the MG4 Electric is very agile and easy to manoeuvre, with a turning circle of just 10.6 metres. The Continental braking system with four disc brakes, which is adjustable in three modes (Comfort, Normal and Sport) also ensures excellent deceleration. The braking distance at 100 km/h is less than 37 metre. The electric motor is also capable of braking the MG4 Electric and recovering energy at various levels.

    MG Pilot with adaptive speed and distance control, traffic jam assistant and lane control assistant as standard

    The MG4 Electric uses a number of advanced driver assistance and safety systems. In addition to Front Collision Warning (FCW) and Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB), all versions also offer Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Traffic Jam Assistance (TJA), Lane Departure Warning (LDW) and Lane Keeping Assistance (LKA) as standard, grouped under the name MG Pilot and which enable a degree of autonomous driving. These are joined by the Intelligent Headlamp Control (IHC) and the Speed Assist System (SAS) with traffic sign recognition. With the MG4 Electric Luxury, MG Pilot also boasts Blind Spot Detection (BSD) and Lane Change Assist (LCA). In addition, it warns for crossing traffic behind the vehicle thanks to Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA) and for oncoming traffic when opening the doors due to Door Opening Warning (DOW). The Unsteady Driving Warning (UDW) is also supported by an interior camera. A 360-degree camera shows the driver the environment all around the MG4 Electric on the display.

    High level of everyday usability and modern connectivity

    The MG4 Electric provides a high level of everyday usability, with plenty of room for up to five passengers and numerous storage options. An additional heat pump in the Luxury version makes the air conditioning system even more efficient. The vehicle battery can even act as a mobile power bank ("Vehicle-to-load") by supplying energy to external devices such as e-bikes, smartphones and computers with an adapter cable. The MG4 Electric has a 7-inch digital instrument cluster for key information, as well as a floating 10.25-inch infotainment screen. This can be used to control the MG iSMART connectivity system, which also connects smartphones using Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, various vehicle functions, the driving profiles, air conditioning and charging management. Driving levels are selected electrically via a dial on the floating centre console. MG iSMART also provides a navigation system that enables real-time routing with online support for the Luxury version, featuring voice control, and wide-ranging vehicle remote access using the iSMART app.

    MG brand will continue on its growth trajectory following the market launch of the MG4 Electric. “The introduction of the latest MG4 Electric is our most important achievement yet. And there is more to come”, says Xinyu Liu. “MG aims to democratise smart mobility solutions to the many with affordable, yet well-equipped, great quality cars that offer a great driving experience. We will revolutionise the entire product range over the next 2 years. And we will introduce exciting new cars that we don’t currently offer to expand our brand. MG is ready to offer more fun driving models and latest technologies to its customers.”