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    With Ingenious “State Guest Quality”, SAIC Maxus Escorts China International Import Exposition

    On November 5, 2018, the first China International Import Exposition, hosted by China, opened at the Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center with the aim of firmly supporting trade liberalization and economic globalization and initiatively opening up markets to the world. A total of 12 guest countries and more than 3,000 enterprises from over 130 countries attended the Exposition. As a leading enterprise in the automotive industry in China, SAIC Group fully supported the China International Import Exposition with its practical actions. More than 1,000 new cars under SAIC Group were officially launched. Among them, 200 SAIC Maxus V80 cars were used to receive state guests, providing high-quality service for the global elites of government and business and distinguished guests of various countries, and helping China International Import Exposition “to become a high-level international first-class fair”.


    China International Import Exposition attracted global attention and showed China’s style of embracing the world as a big country. Relying on the professional operation support team set up by SAIC Group, SAIC Maxus escorted China International Import Exposition. After several months of adequate preparation, the SAIC Operation Support Team completed quality control before launching from vehicle preparation, vehicle transportation, driver training, and intensive inspection to vehicle maintenance, internal stress testing, and actual drills. In addition, to provide guests with high-standard courteous reception during the Exposition, the team developed a number of emergency plans and complete response processes and set up emergency units and seven fixed-point zones, striving for the fastest response to any problems that might occur in each link before and after car service.


    With its intelligent technology and excellent quality, SAIC Maxus V80 became one of the hardware guarantees of China International Import Exposition. Based on the five qualities of “intelligent control, high efficiency, low energy, wide space, reliability and durability, and comprehensive safety”, the 2018 V80 is the first to adopt the automatic transmission configuration to wide-body light passenger cars, introduce the national V technology, and use new energy technology. Moreover, it’s equipped with the intelligent interconnection system of “Woxing Zhixing”, ushering in the 2.0 era of wide-body light passenger cars.


    Serving China International Import Exposition is another convincing demonstration of SAIC Maxus’s “state guest quality” with an international level conference as the platform. Previously, SAIC Maxus served many international events and conferences such as the Youth Olympic Games, APEC Summit, G20 Summit, BRICS Meeting, and CICA Summit. It won praise from politicians and guests of various countries, established a high-quality image of “state guest car”, and accumulated rich experience in large-scale activities of state guests. As a representative of “intelligent manufacturing in China” to go overseas, SAIC Maxus relies on SAIC Group’s new four strategies of “electrification, intelligent networking, sharing, and internationalization”, adheres to the concepts of “intelligent choice, intelligent interconnection, intelligent travel, and intelligent sharing”, and initiates the C2B mode of selecting the Dream Car in three minutes, thus achieving the customization of all models. It has promoted the mode to the world and embraced global consumers with an open attitude.


    In China International Import Exposition, the host China demonstrated its great achievements of reform and opening up and the new opportunities it brought to the world. The open China and the world resonated at the same frequency, and “intelligent manufacturing in China” attracted world attention. SAIC Maxus, as a representative of “intelligent manufacturing in China” to go overseas, helps in the successful organization of China International Import Exposition with its state guest quality and outstanding service, continues to consolidate the mainstream status of Chinese brands in the world and assures the “Chinese forces” of a place among world brands.